Reclaim Wellness and Intuition

Through Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom And Modern Living


EXPERIENCE WITH ME! Here you will find all the wonderful content and services I have to offer; including private one on one coaching programs, guided audio meditations, yoga on demand, and free downloadable content, such as journals and guides to support your journey to wellness.

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LEARN WITH ME! Here you will find learning opportunities to support you in your path towards health and happiness. Whether it’s a community cleanse, video seminars, or other informative content, I offer many ways, both in-person and virtual, for you to get started on your path to wellness. More courses coming soon!

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Private Coaching

WORK WITH ME! All of my one on one coaching programs are designed to suit your unique needs including body constitution, current mindset, and level of spiritual connection. Start with simple introductory courses or dive deeper with more in-depth programs.

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DISCOVER WITH ME! From nutrition and body constitution to daily rituals and wellness practices, discover how the wisdom of one of the most ancient healing systems can be integrated into modern day life and give you an improved sense of self-awareness, immunity, and longevity.

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Learn simple and intuitive Ayurvedic tips to stay balanced during autumn and boost immunity.

An Ayurvedic Perspective on Coffee

Discover why according to Ayurveda coffee can be a medicine for some, and a poison to others.

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Ease the transition from winter to spring with Ayurvedic tips for Vata dosha.

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Glorious Ghee

Discover the amazing health benefits of ghee and why this golden nectar is so revered in Ayurvedic tradition.

Meet The Founder

Lisa Codina

Lisa is a coach, healer, and educator. She teaches women how to reclaim physical and spiritual wellness, awaken their inner guide and embrace the goddess within. She inspires women to live a more balanced and purposeful life by offering an alchemy of ancient holistic practices and making them accessible for the modern day woman.

Meet Lisa