Guided Meditations

Mindfulness may be a simple concept, but it isn’t always easy. The reason for this is because we are training the mind to be still, which is something very different from what it’s used to doing.

Guided meditations provide a solid foundation for our practice and provide us with constant reminders on coming back to the present moment and letting go of judgmental thoughts. Because the mind has the tendency to wander, many people find it easier to focus and relax when the practice is guided by another person’s voice.

Both beginner and more experienced meditators can benefit from exploring different types of guided meditation techniques. They are especially useful for beginners who find it challenging to navigate their own thoughts, plus they take the guesswork out of the mechanics of the practice.

These series of guided audio meditations can be accessed at any time. You can practise them daily until you feel ready and inspired to practise on your own.

Mindful Moments

Short guided meditations for any level of practitioner. In only 5-10 minutes a day you can cultivate connection and presence.

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*5 audio meditations


Mindful Eating Challenge

5 guided meditations that accompany my 5-Day Mindful Eating Challenge. They can also be practised on their own at any time!

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*5 audio meditations