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Warm Ayurvedic Spiced Apples

Published on Nov 5, 2023 By Lisa Codina

Warm Ayurvedic Spiced Apples is one of my favorite healing recipes! This is a classic Ayurvedic meal that improves digestion and elimination issues and is a grounding, warming, and comforting way to start the day – especially during the colder months. According to Ayurveda, stewed apples are a tridoshic meal, meaning it benefits all 3 Doshas.

In order to prepare our bodies to take on the day, we need to make sure we are eating a breakfast that supports our gut health rather than putting strain on our digestive tract. Stewed apples are a traditional Ayurvedic breakfast, especially during a period of cleanse because they are light on the stomach and break a fast gently. On a side note, if you’re a caffeine lover, you should ideally hold off on your acidic morning coffee and fill your belly with a nourishing meal first!

What are Warm Ayurvedic Spiced Apples so revered in Ayurveda?

Firstly, we know that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, right?

Secondly, apples contain pectin which is a soluble fiber that improves the environment in our gut, feeds good bacteria, reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, and boosts immunity. By stewing apples, we make pectin even more readily available for our gut bacteria to digest.

In addition to pectin, apples are a plentiful source of insoluble fiber that promotes regularity and purification of the body; and acts as a gentle cleanse for the digestive system. Stewed apples optimize dietary pH balance and boost immunity.

Lastly, because these apples are well cooked with a variety of digestive spices that specifically support absorption, they are the perfect option for an easy-to-digest, satisfying meal that is both delicious and healing.

Warm Ayurvedic Stewed Apples are typically eaten on their own or you can add them to warmed oatmeal, amaranth or quinoa. When it comes to adding the spices, remember to take into consideration your Dosha. For example, if you have a Pitta imbalance, reduce the cinnamon and ginger and add cloves instead. If you have a Kapha imbalance, increase the amount of cinnamon and ginger to help reduce congestion and sluggishness. If you have a Vata imbalance, try making the apples extra soupy and make sure to eat them warmed and with grounding oats.