Managing Emotions with Mindfulness

This 4-week virtual course is designed to bring awareness to the 3 temperamental centers of the body; the mental, gut, and heart field. Mindfulness works in the temperamental body by quieting the mind, soothing the gut instincts and moving consciousness into the heart field, helping us connect with our inner guide. This course will give you the tools necessary to improve emotional balance and stability, to learn how to shift your consciousness throughout the body and to align the temperamental centers of the body.

This particular method of Mindfulness combines traditional teachings with specific techniques to tune into your head, heart and gut centers. In the head, we notice thought, perceptions and cognitive processes. In the gut, we notice innate impulses and gut reaction sensations. In the heart, we notice rhythmic symbols that represent the emotions in the heart. The components of these 3 centers affect one another, either working against each other, creating imbalances, or they work in unison, helping to bring us balance and stability.

This course is ideal for you if you:

Course Outline

Each of the 60 minute virtual sessions will begin with instructional talks to introduce key concepts followed by a guided meditation practice. Time will be allotted towards the end of each class for journal reflections, class discussion, and closing breath work or meditations. Each session will be recorded so you can review the material and practice the formal meditations at your convenience. You will also have access to a series of audio Mindfulness meditations to support you between each session.

Each participant will be given a pre-assessment before the course begins as well a post-assessment to monitor progress and successes. These assessments are optional but highly recommended as they will encourage you to stay focused and motivated throughout the course. After completing the assessments, feedback will be given as well as suggestions for continued practises to keep you on track.

This is a multi-level course which can benefit beginners to meditation as well as seasoned or regular practitioners.

You will learn how to:

Course Dates & Times:

Course Investment: $99

*Price includes HST, journaling materials and audio Mindfulness meditations

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